Live, Local, Goober

Have you heard of Goober Country Mornings? Local morning radio is super important to our community. What you choose to wake up to and who you choose to let get your day started is just about as important as what you’re having for breakfast. 

I host a weekly morning show on Goober 95.1 that creates a fresh start to the daily grind. Whether you’re driving to work or having that first sip of coffee at the office, Goober Country Mornings welcomes you in for the new country you love, the headlines you need and the entertainment you crave. 

If you haven’t had a chance to stop in lately, you’ll want to at least give it a taste test. Morning discussion questions get you front and center inside the show. Give me a call, win free food from some of your favorite restaurants and make the drive to work a lot easier! It’s a win-win! 

WGGC is bringing back the car line lotto, which makes sitting in the pickup line a lot more fun for you! Cue to call every afternoon gives you a chance to win your kids’ entire class free food. How can you not get on board with that? Promotions like this keep us giving back to you and make it easier to promote those local businesses that help us out so much! 

Start your mornings the Goober Country way, 6-10 weekdays to get in on free food, concerts and sporting event tickets and local events that keep it right here in the community. We also can’t forget about all the great country music from your favorite artists each and every morning! The only live and local country morning show in the area, you won’t be disappointed! 

I look forward to being a part of your mornings every weekday and hope you’ll stick around if you like what you hear! Streaming live on, we’ve got everything from our community events calendar to trying our best to keep you updated on the biggest shows hitting up the area! Hear all the latest new country music and UK Sports on Goober 95.1! It’s your “One Stop Shop” for all things SOKY Happenings. Live, Local, Goober. 


About the Author: Kenny Beckman is PD and On-Air at WGGC in Bowling Green, KY. Follow him on Twitter: @kny_beckman