Fountain Row - The BG Heartbeat


Fountain Row - The BG Heartbeat

Every city has a heartbeat. That heartbeat is the center of

the community, and that center is downtown.

“So go downtown, things will be great when you’re

downtown - no finer place for sure, downtown. Everything is

waiting for you, downtown.” You might recognize those

lyrics from a 60’s song called “Downtown” by Petula Clark.

Funny thing is, years later, they still reign true.

Months in the making, right here in our town’s heartbeat,

Bowling Green officially has “Fountain Row” an

Entertainment Destination Center that is a true game changer

to our city. Not only does it allow residents and visitors to

get out and see more in downtown BG, it breaks down

barriers with new possibilities and an expansion of tourism

with business spotlights.

Have you ever been downtown at a bar and time got away

from you? You just opened a fresh drink or started on a full

pour, but it’s time for you to move on to the next place.

Fountain Row gives you the opportunity to take your drink

  • outside with you in a designated to-go cup from participating

    licensed businesses within its boundaries.

    What are the boundaries you might ask? Fountain Row

    covers pretty much all the heavily dominated areas, and I

    guarantee there is a place in it for you. You’ll need to look

    for the signs that indicate what is in and what is out.

    Fountain Row will make weekends in BG better. Active

    every Friday and Saturday from 11am to 9pm it will allow

    for an even greater experience as you soak in everything

    downtown has to offer. If you haven’t been in awhile, you’ll

    be surprised at the new additions that continue growing our


    Follow the rules, be respectful, and have a great time

    knowing we live in the greatest community around.

    Remember “the light’s so much brighter there, you can

    forget all your troubles, forget all your cares” when you’re

    downtown. So much hard work and long days have gone into

    making this a reality, the City of Bowling Green and the

    entire Downtown Development team can’t wait to see you at

    Fountain Row.

  • For more details and official rules on Fountain row visit:

    Kenny Beckman is PD and On-Air at WGGC Radio in

    Bowling Green, KY. Follow him on Twitter: @kny_beckman Instagram: @kny_beckman