When tragedy hits the community grows stronger

Two weeks before Christmas, typically you’re thinking about time with friends and family, maybe traveling home to see those you haven’t in awhile, or just buying gifts to bring some Holiday cheer.

All of those things are wonderful, but how do you prepare for the unexpected when those plans suddenly change? The Bowling Green area got hit by the worst tornado this town has ever seen on the second weekend of December. Seeing the loss of life and belongings – the devastation of property and businesses, it leaves you speechless. How do you prepare for these things that happen with little warning? 

I think what speaks volumes in this community is when a storm hits, tragedy strikes, or when we lose someone or something that is close to us – someone is always there to lend a helping hand. We’ve seen local businesses and homeowners lose everything and yet they’re still there asking how they can help others in the same position. That’s a beautiful thing. It’s proof that when tragedy strikes, coming together will always prevail. And we live in the greatest community in the country, because when tragedy strikes, we grow stronger.

Kenny B. is the program director for Goober 95.1 based in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Follow him on social media @kny_beckman. This article was published in SOKY Happenings, a monthly magazine for those living in southern Kentucky to stay up-to-date on what's happening in the community.