Hello, my name is Kenny B.

Hi there! How are ya? Not sure if we have met before, but I’d like to officially introduce myself if we haven’t.

Kenny Beckman is the name and I’ve been in Bowling Green for about a year and a half now with my fiancé Morgan Hoover, evening anchor at WNKY. 

We’ve quickly fallen in love with the people, places and things of this town, and each day shows us something new. I’m on the air with you each morning and that allows me to connect with you and your life – that’s what I’m always hoping for, that I can get to know you just as you get to know me. 

To me, Bowling Green offers so much. The restaurants, the attractions, the history – most importantly you – the community – your spirit to give back and rise above challenges working together. What we’ve seen these past couple of months is second to none on how we’ve risen up. 

I should tell you I’m a big sports fan – I love them all. Proudly pulling for the Tops every step of the way, and we love going to the games to support our team! On Sundays you can also find us cheering for the Titans! I consider myself a bourbon and beer enthusiast, as I worked for around three years after college working in distilleries and breweries. Being in Bowling Green has only fueled my love for the hobby. 

However, I’ve been in radio for close to ten years and I have my Broadcasting degree. Settling in at WGGC has been great so far and I hope you’ll get a chance to see and hear us out in the community! Now, you might be thinking, “Why am I telling you all this?” Well, each month you’ll be seeing and hearing more from me as I have officially taken over “North of Nashville.” 

Greg Almond, who you knew as the previous writer, has moved on to another opportunity that is better for him, outside of radio. He has taught me a lot, but I’m excited to get the chance to meet with you each month and talk about music and my inside POV on the industry from a young standpoint. Thank you for joining me. 

Look to The Future or Get Stuck in The Past 

One month into 2022… and the biggest question – are we looking to the future or still stuck focusing on things behind us? Most of us start out a new year with some sort of resolution or goal to make changes and become better in some way or another. I know I have, but I can’t help think about how it’s different for some. 

Maybe you? So far for most, the new year might seem like a continuation of the last. A pandemic, loss, tragedies and community still grieving – it can be tough to bring in a new attitude. It’s important to find a way to do so, though, as that one factor makes the biggest impact. Especially when we are all trying to flip the page onto the next chapter.

Whether it’s your job, a friend, a family member or any other stressful point you come in contact with, finding success in a new year means we find a way to overcome those obstacles, so we can truly look to the future, and not get stuck in the past. May God bless you this new year. 

Kenny B. is the program director for Goober 95.1 based in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Follow him on social media @kny_beckman. This article was published in SOKY Happenings, a monthly magazine for those living in southern Kentucky to stay up-to-date on what's happening in the community.